The initial release of the Radix Public Network is live! Olympia brings with it the native RADIX (XRD) token and the foundational Radix technology stack, on which the future of both Radix and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) will be built.

The Olympia launch is a hugely important milestone for Radix. As the first public release of the Radix Network, Olympia marks the start of a roadmap of releases that will culminate in the unprecedented DeFi readiness and limitless linear scalability of Xi’an. So, what exactly is Olympia?

What Is Included in the Olympia Release?

Olympia has delivered the core of the Radix ecosystem, which will remain in place…

We’re counting down the days until the Radix Olympia mainnet release on July 28th. Everyone on the Radix team has been heads-down focused on preparation activities for a smooth launch, but we managed to get some time with two key people in the dev and product team.

This “meet the team” blog series gives you a glimpse of the people making Radix a reality. In the previous post, we introduced Aftab & Yulong.

Today we are thrilled to present two masterminds who align the product and the code with the Radix vision — Matt and Josh!

Matthew Hine — Head of Product — Radix DLT

Matthew grew up in…

The Radix Community is proud to have highly active members who advocate Radix to new and existing community members. These individuals go above and beyond to advance understanding and engagement with Radix and align themselves with the vision of Radix becoming the Layer-1 platform that can scale decentralized finance to the mainstream.

While all engaged Radix community members can proudly call themselves Radvocates, there are those who deserve recognition for consistently going the extra mile to help further the project, our vision, and the Radix community. …

The CEO of Radix DLT, Piers Ridyard, recently conducted a Q&A session with the 83,000 strong Satoshi Club Telegram community. The Satoshi Club members asked some excellent questions, covering everything from the inner working of the Blueprint Catalogue, the Radix consensus protocol Cerberus,, and how Radix can reduce hacks and Exploits in DeFi.

The full transcript of the Q&A session is below.

If you have any follow-up questions, you are welcome to ask via in our Telegram or Discord.

Q. So, please tell us more about yourself — your past experiences/background and how Radix came to life.

I’m Piers…

After over two months of thorough testing, the Olympia Betanet was officially shut on July 6th, and we brought our long-term public test network, Stokenet, online. Connection details for node runners will be sent out next week, but here’s a quick FAQ about how Stokenet and our networks will behave.

What is Stokenet?
Stokenet will be the main public test network for Radix going forward, free for all to use, where testers and developers can acquire free (test) XRD from a faucet.

Why that name?
The name references Stoke-on-Trent in England, the birthplace of Radix!

Who will run validator and…

Everyone loves a proper cup of Joe, cuppa tea, or something in between. What if you could enjoy your favorite hot beverage from a Radix mug? Well, soon you can!

The first Radix Swag contest was a resounding success, with over 100 design submissions, the winning entry went live on the new Radix Store, and sold out in 5 minutes.

Now we call you artists, designers, and creators of the Radix community to showcase your imagination and talent once again for a chance to win!

The second contest: Design a Mug

Details of the competition are below:

  • The contest will open on 6th July
  • Submissions close…

The Radix team consists of professionals from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. This globally distributed team provides the skills and expertise to deliver the potential of the Radix Public Network, a technology built on the learnings over several tech iterations, and the cutting edge of consensus research available today.

In this blog series, we introduce members of the Radix team to the community. In the previous blog post, we introduced Emre and Katy.

Today we present two of our new colleagues — Aftab and Yulong!

Aftab Arab — Head of Design — Radix DLT

Aftab has been a Product Designer for over ten years in the tech industry…

The CEO of Radix DLT, Piers Ridyard, recently conducted a Q&A session with the 17,000 member @CryptoDiffer Telegram community. These Q&A sessions have proved to be an excellent way for Radix to connect with the broader crypto community, and some excellent questions were put forward and answered by Piers.

The full transcript of the Q&A session is below.

If you have any follow-up questions, you are welcome to ask via in our Telegram or Discord.

Q. Can you introduce yourself to our community?

A. I got started in crypto back in 2015, when I started mining on the genesis block…

Every couple of weeks, Radix Founder Dan Hughes climbs out of the coding cave to host a technical Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in the official Radix Telegram channel. These sessions are always informative, containing a wealth of knowledge drawn from exciting and challenging questions. These AMA sessions cover Cerberus, Cassandra, and other critical technical innovations of Radix.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and took part in the AMA. You can find the full transcript below from the session on 22nd June 2021.

Have you seen It’s an experiment showing that SSD disk speed limits scalability, not…

Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

The first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi

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