APE Radix — Alexandria Preview Event

On November 12th, Radix will be hosting the Alexandria Preview Event (APE) in New York City!

The half-day event will feature a keynote covering our roadmap to remake global finance with DeFi on Radix, and for developers, a workshop to follow will provide the very first hands-on preview of a pre-release form of Scrypto — Radix’s asset-oriented smart contract programming language!

For those that can’t attend in person, the keynote will be live-streamed for the Radix community, and there will be a dial-in conference for devs who want to join the workshop remotely.

If you’re interested in either attending in person or joining remotely, please RSVP here: https://go.radixdlt.com/APE-RSVP

Alexandria preview event — What to expect?

The event will take place at a beautiful venue in the Flatiron district of NYC (see picture below).

We’ll kick off with a keynote from Radix DLT CEO, Piers Ridyard, and Head of Product, Matthew Hine. This will cover an overview of Radix’s community-focused product vision and strategy, from the current Olympia release to Alexandria, Babylon, and beyond.

While we hope many of our community of Radvocates, as well as general crypto/DeFi developers, will be able to attend in person, the keynote will also be live-streamed on the Radix YouTube channel!

After the keynote, we will be putting on some lovely lunch options for all attendees, while we do an open Q&A session.

Once we’re all recharged from lunch, developers of any skill level will be invited to participate in the workshop session. This will be your first preview of the upcoming Alexandria release and your chance to experience a new way of building DeFi apps using Radix Engine and our new asset-oriented smart contract language, Scrypto. For developers who are not able to attend in person, we will be providing a remote call-in option to participate, where you can join the people in the room in writing your first Scrypto smart contract “blueprints”.

How to get involved?

The first step is simple: if you’re interested in either attending in person or joining remotely, please RSVP here: https://go.radixdlt.com/APE-RSVP.

From there, we strongly recommend signing up for the Radix Newsletter as there will be a few exciting updates about our progress towards Alexandria over the coming weeks.

Lastly, make sure to get involved in the Radix community, either on the dedicated “Engineering” channels on the Radix Discord or on the Radix Developer Telegram.