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What we’ve done so far and why it isn’t working

When we’ve seen something cool, we’ve sometimes made a comment in something like the Radix Report, or made the occasional Tweet (either as Radix or from individual team members). There are a few issues with this approach and general challenges:

  1. It’s unintentionally inconsistent, and would only get more so.
    While we spend a lot of time ensuring we’re up to speed on the conversations and developments in the Radix community, we cannot see everything that happens. If we just comment on things we see, more often than not, we could miss things that deserve celebrating. Often those who are simply better at attracting random attention from team members unfairly get highlighted more.
  2. It’s subjective.
    We strongly believe that it is not our place to pick and choose “winners” and we are extremely conscious that currently the largest platform to reach people interested in the Radix ecosystem are the official channels. We want to use these channels to promote ecosystem activity, but it must be in a way that is as fair as possible to the community as a whole rather than based on off-the-cuff judgments of what is worth talking about.
  3. It’s easy for bad actors to try to game/abuse.
    There have been plenty of times in other crypto projects where high-profile people in an ecosystem/team are listed as “advisors” to build credibility without their knowledge. Even well-intentioned approaches can become problematic, such as messaging team members directly for support — this puts individuals in an awkward position as it’s important they remain fair/ethical, but that will lead to understandable disappointment in the community.
  4. We must be responsible for what we say, as it reflects on the network as a whole.
    Firstly, we do not have the capacity to audit or do ongoing monitoring of things being built. If we post something that is perceived as an endorsement of a product or service, which later causes problems for users (accidentally or not) it can cause real harm to users, and create anger with Radix overall. Equally we obviously can’t highlight things that are likely to negatively impact the reputation of the Radix Network (even if this is unlikely).

How We Will Celebrate Successes Going Forward

The three step process, starting with a simple form for a project (or community member) to submit something for review will involve the following steps — starting after March 10th:

  1. Is the project objectively successful? (Criteria)
  2. Is the project in a new category that highlights the breadth of Radix’s capabilities?
  3. Where and how the project will be publicized/promoted

Step 1: Evaluating Success

This is the cornerstone of how we will evaluate what to highlight — we must celebrate success.

Step 2: What Category is the Success in?

One of the great things about the growing Radix ecosystem is that there are a wide variety of ways the community can contribute to the success of the Radix Network. When we are looking at what we should be highlighting, there are considerations we must take into account based on the type of contribution.

  1. Content such as articles, videos, memes, docs, community meet-ups, etc. If you have had success in this category, we definitely want to shout about it. Examples could be reaching a certain number of views, having good reviews from others in the community on the quality of the content, a unique type of content, content on a specific topic, or consistent output.
  2. Built using, or utilizing, core Radix tech such as Scrypto or the Radix Public Network. Again, if you have had success here — let us know! Examples include creating blueprints using Scrypto or tools that utilize Olympia network functionality such as sending and/or creating tokens.
  3. Validator nodes for the Radix Public Network. Everyone who uses (or cares about) the network is incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing and growing group of high-quality validators participating in consensus. As a decentralized, permissionless network, it is an extremely important and essential contribution to the success of the Radix Public Network. Although there are plenty of things to celebrate about validators, we feel strongly that RTJL, RDX Works, and team members should NOT comment on specific validators for the risk of influencing stake.
  4. Tools or services such as dashboards, wallets, message boards, unofficial community channels, and many more! There is a wide range of things here, and while we want to celebrate the success of these things, currently it will need to be on a case-by-case basis. We don’t have the capacity to continually monitor these tools and services, so we need to be clear that when we celebrate success for these things it is not seen as an endorsement of their accuracy or security. If you see something in this category worth celebrating, let us know, and we will discuss with you on a case-by-case basis for now on how best to balance this.

Step 3: Medium of Celebration

We now have something in the Radix ecosystem that is ready to be recognized for the success it’s achieved! This final step is looking at what is the best way to highlight this to the wider Radix community and followers.

  1. A permanent feature on a static page or menu of https://radixdlt.com.
  2. A dedicated blog on the website and/or press release.
  3. Added to the ecosystem page, community Scrypto GitHub, linked from official docs. (These are generally reserved for things directly related to core products.)
  4. Highlighted in the Radix Report and/or a dedicated tweet/social post.
  5. Your update is shared via official channels, such as a retweet, or posted on main Telegram/Discord channels.
  6. Shared on dedicated ecosystem update channels (starting with a new Discord channel we’re making).

Alternate Route: Community Operated Channels

Alongside our push to do more to promote things in the Radix ecosystem, we also want to encourage the community itself to promote, champion, and celebrate each other. It is likely (and desired) that the ecosystem will grow to the point where it is impossible for any single entity to have complete coverage of everything happening.

Final Thoughts

Our goal with this framework is to dramatically improve how we highlight the amazing things happening in the ecosystem since we haven’t been doing that well enough to date. It is still a work in progress and a system that will need to improve based on feedback and experience — so please give your feedback in the “wen-marketing” channel on Discord!

Have you noticed a project in the Radix Ecosystem that deserves recognition? Let us know via this link.



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