Creative Contest Winners Announced

  • Alien Beach Landing” by Mik3ology#6587. “One week of preparations 3 hours of morning Sun. And here she is. The landing of the Alien tech by Dan Hughes and RDX Works. Soon to be SENT into the great Oceans and to the four corners of the earth.” Mik3ology perfectly captured the spirit of the competition, going to a lot of effort to do something creative that we have never seen before. Fantastic work!
  • Scrypto Super Hero by jlmr#4891. In close 2nd place was this fantastic entry, a hand-sewn superhero costume, and an accompanying gif of our hero smashing cumbersome code and vulnerabilities! Great work, I hope you wear the costume at a crypto event in 2022!
  • Mr. Scrypto DeFi Gains” Aka JasonJaws#3516. Amazing effort. Insanely creative. I hope we see a lot more of Mr. Scrypto on the journey to Babylon!
  • Radix Tetris by Chooseymedusa#2942 Piers and his Bomber jacket makes an appearance, giving the player an unfair advantage with Scrypto.
  • Radix-themed Cake by Atomhörnchen#1494 Delicious and creative!
  • First Impressions of Radix Engine as a Platform for a Global UBI — Well rounded assessment of Radix.
  • Be Your Own Bank 3D rendering by Dyey#7248 “I wanted to portray radix as a symbol for “be your own bank” idea while being a complete package for DeFi to be done right. I tried to show how scrypto could power the system by providing composable codes while rewarding contributors to be productive”
  • Hand Made Radix Logo by Maria_Ant#2189 “Handmade Radix logo made of painted wood, nails, and thread. Symbolizes connection of all parts of the blockchain” See under the post for a timelapse of this wonderful creation!
  • Radix Embroidery by jeky_jest#9269 — Great attention to detail and creativity to boot!
  • Poem written and recited by Amit_K#1511 Capturing his feelings while seeing Scrypto for the first time at APE Radix!



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Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

The first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi