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October 18, 2022

In June, we announced the Dandelions Program, a new arrow in the Marketing department’s quiver, and a move towards decentralized marketing of the Radix Network. Just like the Dandelion flower drops 100’s of parachute-like bristles into the wind to carry its seeds, RDX Works wants to deploy 100’s of community members into the wind to propagate and spread the “Radix Revelation.” This is a long-term program that will empower the Radix community and give you a chance to participate in the delivery of a game-changing network.

There have been some excellent submissions, and we are long overdue for an update.

The last few months have been spent speaking with applicants and building the internal processes that would allow future proposals to be efficiently vetted and funded. These are now in a position to set the first cohort of Dandelions into the wind.

What are we looking for?

  • It must be a marketing idea.
    Some of the applications submitted were more suited to a developer grants program, so while we did have some interesting ideas for dApps, blueprints, NFT projects, meme coins and the like, they are not the best fit for this program.
  • We are looking for something you can contribute from your own expertise.
    We are looking for an interesting connection you may have, an insight you can share, and we are looking for you to channel your passion for Radix into something that can help spread Radix Revelations.

So time to put on your thinking cap and come up with some ideas. Perhaps you…

  • have an innovative way to drive signups to #RadFi2022?
  • could work to grow Radix in your home country by hosting a developer event?
  • could collaborate with other members of the Radix community and work together to deliver an innovative marketing project?

If you would like to get some feedback on an idea before you submit you can join us in #Dandelion-Program on Discord. Anyone who submits a Dandelion application will now receive a reply within 7 days of your submission.

The next written update will come at the end of November, where we will show the progress made, lessons learned, and any new ideas that have been selected. Updates will be dropped in Discord and via Twitter.

Now onto the good bit!

The following ideas have been shortlisted, and are moving through the application process, aiming to have all funded and live by the end of the month. Not all have been 100% approved, but all are well on the way.

Our first Dandelion Seeds

Korean Community Growth

Applicant: James You

Budget: $10,000 of XRD

Korea has long been a hotbed for crypto innovation, and Radix DLT has been underrepresented for too long. This changes now, with the assistance of Radix Ambassador and Korean local, James You. James has put together a detailed plan to introduce Radix to Korean crypto enthusiasts through a series of local influencers, promotions, and translations of Radix content, with the aim to grow awareness and kick-start a local community.

Radix in Augmented Reality

Budget: $10,000 in XRD

Explaining Crypto infrastructure is hard. Where do you even begin?. There is a large amount of prerequisite knowledge that is needed really ‘get it’. An ELI5 version is often impossible, but what if you could easily visualize it? What if you could call it up from a QR code in your wallet, website, or the wall of a nightclub bathroom?

Afterwave pitched the idea of an Augmented Reality representation of the Radix technology stack. Afterwave has identified he will create a 3D model representing Radix, showing shard space, and layers of abstraction including Radix Engine, Components being atomically composed, Scrypto turning into DApps, and eventually a clear picture of the whole Radix Ecosystem. This will be a valuable tool to use at events, in debates, and as an interesting way to drive a deeper understanding of what Radix is trying to achieve.

Indian University Takeover

Applicant: iMaaD1007

Budget: $9000 in XRD

India is a crypto powerhouse, with scores of developers waiting on the sidelines to get into DeFi. The community events our Ambassadors have run in India have been tremendously successful. So when Imaad pitched the idea of a series of educational events in universities, we were excited to see what he would put together. Imaad will attend and sponsor a variety of events where he will introduce students to Radix, Scrypto, and Decentralized Finance. The adoption of Scrypto in India is showing huge potential and warrants investment.

Inter Crypto Chess Cup

Applicant: Ezra Kirk

Budget: $5000 of XRD

Chess and Crypto have a strong carryover, as shown in the previous Radix chess tournaments arranged by Radix chess master in resident Ezra. To take it up a level, Ezra has proposed a competition to see which protocol in the crypto space has the best chess players. He will invite supporters from a range of protocols to sign up and represent their team. They will battle it out to see who comes out on top!

Radix vs Cardano? Cardano vs Near? Near vs Solana? Who will come out on top?

This can be a great way to grow awareness of Radix; the last Open Arena Chess competition had over 4000 people register. Can we make it 10k this time?

Radix Wiki

Applicant: Libertant

Budget: $5000 of XRD

RADIX.wiki is intended to be a knowledge base and community hub for the Radix ecosystem. Over the longer term, Libertant has the vision to achieve a critical mass of contributions similar to Wikipedia, and develop a valuable repository of information to assist people entering the Radix ecosystem or discovering DeFi. This will be a community-owned resource that will be invested in for the long term. If you would like to contribute, reach out.


Applicant: James Yeoh

Budget: $600 of XRD

James is a talented writer and a passionate Radix supporter. He will write SEO-optimized articles answering questions that potential followers may ask via Google. James will also write a companion guide for people who want to learn Scrypto and Rust. The blog should provide more Radix-related articles on the internet, and expand its presence.

Bangalore Taxi Takeover

Applicant: Tahamd07

Budget: $5000 of XRD

Bangalore has a thriving crypto economy and a sizable population of taxis transporting thousands of people a day. Tahamd07 has applied for funding to place Radix advertisements in 100+ taxis, with a curiosity-inducing message designed to draw people into the Radix community. Alongside some small airdrops, this idea has a chance to reach millions. Perhaps he could use the Augmented Reality QR code produced by Afterwave? Marketing composability at its finest!

Radix International Community Promotions

Applicant: Radix Community Council

Budget: $3000 of XRD

The Radix Community Council will be carrying out giveaways and promotions for international communities. The funds will be used to support and uplift Radvocates from around the globe, and incentivize participation in fledgling groups.

Radix Community Gleam Promotions

Applicant: Radix Community Council

Budget: $6000 of XRD

The Radix Community Council has been organizing Gleam giveaways for more than a year now. Gleam helps us to generate a buzz and increase Radix’s social activity. The Radix Community Council has generated thousands of new followers and a huge number of retweets which take Radix and Radix related accounts’ engagement to another level. For our community members, this is a great way to support the project and get rewarded for it!

#RadFi2022 Promotion

Applicant: Radix Community Council

Budget: $5000 of XRD

On December 8th RDX Works will be presenting our vision for the future of DeFi. This is a large event that will lay the foundation for a radically different financial future. This will be the first taste of Radix DLT that a new generation of Radvocates will get, and having the Radix Community Council provide tactical marketing support in this mission will be invaluable.

What next?

This is the start of an exciting and ambitious program to further include the Radix community in the effort to make Radix DLT a place where DeFi can thrive.

Congratulations to our first batch of Dandelions, the whole Radix community is here to support you and help you succeed.

Lastly, If you’re reading this and unsure if your idea is suitable, stop wondering and drop it in the #Dandelion-Program Discord channel. We are on standby to help make it a reality.

To submit your Radix Dandelion Marketing request for funding, go here.

Originally published at https://www.radixdlt.com.



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