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March 9, 2022

The short answer is no, at least according to a brand new research report released by Coin Telegraph, which highlights Radix alongside, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, and Algorand.

The longer answer, however, is that the future of DeFi never “belonged” to Ethereum in the first place.

At Radix, we admire and greatly appreciate the immense contribution that Vitalik Buterin and the rest of the Ethereum community have made to advance the mission of DeFi globally. We believe that, when the history is written, Ethereum will have a well-deserved place among the most significant innovations in human history.

However, just because the Wright brothers invented the airplane, didn’t mean that the future “belonged” to them.

The future of DeFi belongs to the billions of people around the world who stand to benefit from the incredible wave of innovation that will be unleashed as DeFi goes mainstream.

This has always been the view of Radix and it’s why we have taken such a radically different approach to our full-stack for DeFi and our go-to-market capabilities. It’s the force behind the revolutionary DeFi engine, Radix Engine, and the asset-oriented programming model as brought to life in the intuitive and elegant Scrypto language.

The CoinTelegraph report highlights Radix as:

“an up-and-coming layer-one purpose-built for DeFi. Radix aims to challenge the status quo with a new asset-oriented paradigm that promises to make DeFi development safe and intuitive, and a unique approach to consensus that scales linearly while preserving atomic composability between shards.”
“Radix spent more than eight years researching and creating fundamental technology approaches for a public ledger network that will not only be scalable, secure, and decentralized, but will also deliver a new development experience that will finally allow developers to build mainstream-suitable DeFi apps.”

It goes on to highlight that:

Without an empowering and radically different developer experience for DeFi dApps, the DeFi “future” will not only not belong to any one platform, it simply will not materialize.

Fortunately, Radix has built it and we’re glad to be recognized in such a comprehensive report alongside other top-tier Layer 1 smart contract platforms.

By Jeremy Epstein, CMO, RDX Works

To get your own copy of the report, click here.

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