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June 30, 2022

Are you ready for the DeFi revolution?

RDX Works is excited to announce the attendance of Sophie Donkin, COO, and Piers Ridyard, CEO, at the Inaugural Jersey Decentralised Finance Summit. This will be held at The Royal Yacht, Weighbridge Place, Saint Helier, on the 7th of July, 2022. Registration is now open on our event page. The event will be livestreamed. Tune in on the 7th of July at 9am UTC +1 here.

Capital into DeFi has 220x in the space of 2 years. This event explores the merging of traditional finance and decentralised finance. It examines the opportunities and threats facing current institutional models and offers a deeper understanding into the future of Finance in a Web3-enabled world. Discover where DeFi is gaining traction and what is inhibiting further growth.

Gain insights from keynote speakers on Web3, DeFi and the future of finance. Reflect on your business and explore ideas with industry experts.

The morning session will start with a talk on “The future of finance institutional DeFi”, by Piers Ridyard, CEO RDX Works. Exploring how the current financial markets are operating, the challenges faced by current financial institutions, and how the Radix way of thinking addresses the current failings of smart contracts.

Followed by “The future of Custody” by Alex Batlin, CEO, BitPanda, and then “Identity, Web3 and Institutional Funds” by Sophie Donkin, COO, RDX Works.

The final session will feature a panel of distinguished speakers discussing their vision for the future of DeFi.

08.30–9.00 Registration & Breakfast

09.00–09.05 Introduction Andrew Jarrett, CEO Radix Tokens ( Jersey) Ltd

09.05–09.45 “The future of finance institutional defi” — Piers Ridyard, CEO, RDX Works

15 Minute Coffee break + Networking

10.00–10.30 “The future of Custody” — Alex Batlin, CEO, Bitpanda Custody

10.30–11.00 “Identity, Web 3 and Institutional funds” — Sophie Donkin, COO, RDX Works

11.00–11.30 Panel with:

Julie Keir, Associate Director, Financial Services Government of Jersey

Amy Bryant, Deputy CEO, Jersey Finance

Andrew Clover, CEO, AIMS Markets

Piers Ridyard, Sophie Donkin, Alex Batlin

11.30–12.00 Close, opportunity to talk to speakers

To support your CPD (Continuing Professional Development), a certificate will be issued to each participant of this summit.

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