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December 15, 2022

Today we’re pleased to announce the pilot launch of a Radix Grants Program. Its purpose is to accelerate the creation and deployment of great Web3 and DeFi dApps on the Radix network at the launch of the Babylon network and beyond. But as with everything we do, we’re taking a radically different approach that we’re excited to tell you about.

Grants Program Goals

Building a Web3 or DeFi project is tough work. Aside from the fact that you’re building the digital world of tomorrow, compared to the usual difficulties faced by traditional business owners, the pioneers of Web3 face a plethora of new challenges in the way of tokenization, decentralized code management, and Web3 user experiences.

When it comes to building and growing an ecosystem in Web3, the team behind Radix knows these challenges well. What started as a “one-man-mission” back in 2013 with founder Dan Hughes has grown into a team that has lived through it all.

As the saying goes, “people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in ten” — and our team has always been focused on the ten. From bull and bear cycles to unprecedented macroeconomic shifts, Radix has continued to scale, adapt and grow to achieve the Radix vision:

A radically better financial system

The bigger a network, the more powerful it can become. At Radix, we’re committed to helping the innovators and visionaries in our community thrive, and we’re focused on growing the Radix ecosystem to unleash the potential of Web3 at global scale. To create that kind of revolution, we believe our grants program must be designed to support a grass-roots movement that is already growing inside our developer community — not just take short-term approaches that create a flash mob that quickly dissipates. A revolution is created by true builders, not mercenaries.

The underlying technology of the Radix network provides powerful tools to the builders who choose to build their project on Radix, but it’s important to us that those within our community are really set up to make the most of what’s in the toolbox. That’s why we’ve put our focus squarely on supporting the projects already committed to building on Radix, and to provide extra help on all of the factors of success that lie outside the realm of tech.

The Radix Grants Program: Offering guidance to support web3 entrepreneurs

The pilot launch of our Radix Grants Program isn’t just a way to provide financial support for those building on the Radix network; it’s a program to bring to bear all of our collective experience and know-how, both in and out of the crypto space. This will allow us to get great dApps to market on Radix. As part of the program, our incredible team of Radix innovators will be on-hand to offer support, guidance and direction for successful projects to make the most out of the opportunities presented through DeFi and Web3.

Much of this program is heavily inspired by Radix CEO Piers Ridyard’s experience going through the world-famous Y Combinator accelerator program and the lessons he learned there about maturing and developing an idea into a successful in-market product (hint: most of the work isn’t building cool tech).

The Radix Grants Program is for those with a passion to build on the Radix network and a shared vision for the future of DeFi and Web3. Only teams that are already building — or preparing to build — their project on Radix will be considered. That way, the team can prioritize providing the best possible support for committed founders, and to help their projects succeed within the Radix ecosystem.

If you truly believe in building a better financial future and that the Radix ecosystem is the best place to do that, this program is for you. Not only will you be given access to 1:1 advisory sessions with senior Radix team members, including Dan Hughes (Founder), Piers Ridyard (CEO), Matthew Hine (CPO) and Adam Simmons (CSO); you will also attend private master classes with insights and key learnings from Radix’s long history..

Here’s an overview of what to expect from the first Radix Grants Program and the benefits you will get as a founder:

  • 30,000 USD value in XRD tokens, paid at the beginning of the program or when your company is incorporated.
  • Bi-weekly 1–1 with your RDX Works mentor to follow on your progress.
  • Access to office hours with the RDX Works leadership team.
  • Access to exclusive masterclasses with the RDX Works leadership team on key topics such as product development, customer interviews, community building, tokenomics and more.
  • Practical guidance on compliance, cyber security, incorporating your company, and more.
  • Help with user testing.
  • Promotion and exposure to the wider Radix community via official Radix channels.
  • In-person kickoff bootcamp and demo day

Building the future isn’t light work, but together we’ve got the power to accomplish something revolutionary.

Sound interesting? Learn more about admission standards and requirements, and apply to the grants program today.

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