Join the revolution — become a Radvocate!

At Radix we are building a decentralised public ledger that has the speed and scalability to be truly global and open to everyone. We are committed to ensuring full public control of the network and have already open-sourced our code, sharing updates as they are developed along the way.

But it’s not just about the code — we want everyone involved. This is why we are launching the Radix Ambassador program.

Sign-up link

Our Ambassador program will start off with a focus on students and university groups (ruthlessly taking advantage that everyone is now at home with more time to kill) to allow us to start with a smaller group, iterate and learn!

As an Ambassador (or Radvocate as we prefer to say) you will have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to one of the leading blockchain protocols in the industry. We’ve set the program up with 3 levels so you can choose how involved you want to get, depending on your schedule, interest and love of free stuff!

Level 1

Level 1 focuses on getting to know Radix and us getting to know. Sign-up here, join our social channels (Telegram, Reddit, Twitter etc) and help spread the word and you’re a level 1 Radvocate!

And return for you getting involved we will reward you with merch and some tokens to whet your appetite! If you haven’t discovered Cerberus yet, our adorable mascot, then get ready to fall in love with him and your Radix T-shirt!

Level 2

Level 2 is where you can really show us what you’ve got! To make it level 2 we want you to create blogs, infographics, videos or host meetups all helping to explain and share the Radix story and message. To make sure you know what you’re talking about we’ve even created a Radix Academy Quiz to test your knowledge!

In return for creating content and building the Radix movement, we’ll give you EVEN MOAR tokens as well as invitations to exclusive Radix events — online and in person.

Level 3

For those true die-hard Radvocates we offer level 3. Level 3, much to my disappointment, is not getting the Radix logo tattoed on your body (but if you do that we’d love to see a snap) instead, it is showing your regular ongoing commitment to the program.

This kind of commitment needs rewarding. Whilst we’re not offering any diamond rings we are offering some serious grants of tokens as well as close access to the Radix team.


Sign-up to become a Radvocate here!

(For now this is for University students/staff only, so please sign up with your university email!)



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