Making XRD a Cross-Chain Token With eXRD and Instabridge

  • At mainnet launch, eXRD will become the “wrapped” form of XRD on Ethereum (think wBTC/BTC) and will create a permanent bridge between the Radix and Ethereum ecosystems. No need to swap your eXRD if you’d rather keep your tokens on Ethereum where they are!
  • Radix will launch Instabridge, an optional service allowing anyone to quickly convert back and forth between eXRD and XRD — moving value freely between Radix and Ethereum networks. Users who wish to convert eXRD to XRD to access Radix network features and rewards will be able to do so starting on day 1 of Radix mainnet launch using Instabridge.
  • Radix will also launch Instapass, a single sign-on compliance service that will be used initially by Instabridge, and will become a streamlined way for users to connect to regulatory compliant DeFi applications in the future.‍

eXRD is the Ethereum-wrapped Form of XRD

Instabridge: Simple eXRD/XRD Conversions, and More

Instapass: Single Sign-on Compliance



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