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Revisiting the roadmap

There are four planned major phases for the network, each with its own target audience and primary goals. Let’s talk about them in brief, as they’re foundational knowledge that will inform everything that follows in this post.

  • The target audience is early token holders and the first node-runners.
  • The primary goals are to release and tune our consensus model, to allow token holders to stake to validators to secure the network, and to allow stakers to begin earning emissions.
  • Olympia is currently meeting its goals. We have had over 2.75 billion XRD staked, we have had 100% uptime of the protocol over 6 months of operation, we have replaced a client layer which was not up to the task (the archive nodes), we have a manageable set of planned features in the pipeline, and we have a second-to-none node-runner community of amazingly capable and helpful people.
  • The target audience is the developer who may one day deploy code to the network.
  • The primary goals are to ensure that Scrypto and Radix Engine v2 are so good that everyone who tries them will want to build DeFi on Radix, and to get developers ready to release their applications as soon as Babylon ships.
  • Alexandria is exceeding its goals so far. Initial response to Scrypto has been overwhelmingly positive, we already have the core of a highly engaged and supportive developer community, the major blocks of Scrypto/REv2 feature work are going faster than we expected, and our design sessions are turning up solutions that outperform our expectations in both flexibility and simplicity.
  • The target audience grows to encompass the full range of early adopters, both builders and users.
  • The primary goals are to provide the world’s best DeFi consumer and developer experience, to reach people for whom existing DLT networks are unapproachable, and to enable an unprecedented range of DeFi applications and services.
  • The target audience is everyone on the planet who possesses a mobile phone.
  • The primary goal is to obsolete traditional finance.

Why aren’t you doing more to support developers building atop Olympia?

We aren’t dedicating high amounts of resources to Olympia development support because that isn’t the focus of Olympia; the top priority of those resources is to ensure that Babylon is the perfect place for DeFi development, and that the developer experience is as smooth as it can possibly be at Babylon release.

Where’s the slick wallet experience? Where’s the mobile wallet?

The Olympia wallet has a narrow focus on a limited set of user scenarios. It isn’t sexy. We have some usability improvements in the pipeline, but ultimately it is a workmanlike product rather than something that is intended to capture a general audience of varying sophistication.

Why isn’t there a 24/7 response team to investigate reported incidents?

We don’t have the bench depth to support such a team at this time, and the Olympia network does not have sufficient functionality and usage to justify building out that team at the expense of other priorities.

Why is there no feature-level roadmap for future releases, with detailed milestones and dates?

The stuff we’re building is right out at the “here there be dragons” edge of the map. There’s little or no prior art to refer to, nothing that came before that we can use as a convenient yardstick to help estimate the effort or sequence of steps required to achieve it. We rely a great deal upon being able to shift priorities quickly when we learn new ways of doing things, hit upon a great design that enables some interesting class of functionality that we hadn’t realized was possible, or discover that some part of the stack is more challenging than we anticipated, and needs more thinking and prototyping.

Closing thoughts

We understand that at times it can feel like we are neglecting important things, or not properly addressing commonly brought up needs. Radix is supposed to eat the world, how can you guys not have a mobile wallet?!



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