It’s getting very exciting for the Radix team as we enter the final two weeks leading up to the long-awaited Radix Betanet. With the deadline in sight, the team is pushing every ounce of willpower into the code.

In this blog series, we present the different members of the Radix team to the community (Check out the previous post with Ray & Lukasz). Today we sat down for a virtual coffee and chatted with Jacob and Sergiy.

Jacob McAtamney — Social Media Manager — Radix DLT

Jacob is originally from Sydney, Australia, and after moving to England in 2014 he began working as a social media consultant, helping business owners build communities around their products and services.

Jacob became infatuated with the crypto industry after discovering Bitcoin in 2016, happily tumbling down the rabbit hole discovering new projects, communities, futures trading, and seeing the possibility of Bitcoin bringing new opportunities to millions of people suffering from an unstable or devalued currency.

Jacob joined Radix DLT as our Social Media Manager from Mercedes Benz in January 2021 and has quickly got to work growing the already impressive Radix social media accounts.

We asked Jacob a little more about his role below:

As the social media manager, my time is spent developing content for the Radix DLT social accounts. Each day is different depending on the needs of the business. I could be producing episodes for the DeFi Download Podcast, creating videos for YouTube, making visual content for Twitter,LinkedIn, Reddit, or posting new articles to the blog.

Each day I spend time interacting with the crypto community, identifying opportunities to grow each social account, monitoring the sentiment around Radix, analyzing competitors, finding ways to better convey the Radix message, and staying on top of any online developments that could affect the business.

Since becoming involved in crypto I have been fascinated by the communities that form around each project. The tribalism of the crypto industry is one of its greatest strengths and is something that is fairly unique in the finance world.

When I discovered Radix what instantly stood out was the community’s long history of commitment to the project and their unwavering support of the vision of founder Dan Hughes. Whether it’s community members happily answering questions in the Telegram, producing original content, hosting events, or growing communities around the world, everything is done with such passion.

To me, that’s a clear indication Radix is not just here to stay but here to take over.

Sergiy Yevtushenko — Developer — Radix DLT

Sergiy has been designing and developing software for more than 30 years. For the last 15 years, it was mostly Java applications of different complexity, from simple command-line utilities to large distributed systems. For the last 3 years he has been working on decentralized distributed systems — various kinds of distributed ledger technologies. In his spare time, Sergiy researches various topics interesting to him, in particular new approaches to writing Java applications and data processing patterns inherent to backend applications.

Sergiy joined Radix in October of last year as Senior Java Developer, whose passion for backend applications, and exploring their hidden anatomy is unbeatable.

We asked Sergiy a little more about his role below:

Currently, my main areas of responsibilities as a Senior Java Developer at Radix are the development of the Radix network node application and related parts.

These days the vast majority of Java jobs out there are monotonous and boring, often driven by hypes and cargo cult: enterprise apps, microservices, Spring, and so forth. So, when I was contacted by Radix for the first time, it was interesting just because it didn’t fit any of the traditional patterns. But I quickly realized that this isn’t the only difference. Meeting so many, and so clever people in one place is a very rare occasion. The team excites me every single day of my work.

I think the crypto industry has become more mature in recent years. One of the signs of maturity is getting closer to a wider range of different end users. The adoption of fast, scalable ledgers capable of handling transactions in near-real-time is the next logical step that is happening right now. 3 years ago it was still in a very early experimental state, which formed the basis for next-generation networks like Radix.

I believe that crypto is the next logical step in the development of the environment in which the whole human race lives every day. I expect that DeFi will become much closer to “average Joe and Jane” than it’s now. In particular, I expect the appearance and wide adoption of usable decentralized payment systems which could be used for everyday purchases.

You there! If you are interested in joining Radix to build the first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi, you can find open positions on our careers page, where we have multiple positions currently open:

The first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi