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February 17, 2022

Building a decentralized network capable of replacing a $400 trillion global financial system takes the combined efforts of almost every professional discipline imaginable. The development of the Radix Network is powered by recruiters, marketers, developers, lawyers, accountants, researchers, designers, engineers, and security experts, just to name a few!

In our “Meet the Team” blog series, we showcase the team members making our DeFi dream a reality, and learn a little about their backgrounds and interests.

In this edition we caught up with the team at Radix Tokens (Jersey Limited), to discuss their professional background, their roles, and importantly, what gets them hyped about Radix.

Radix Tokens (Jersey) Limited is a Jersey-based company and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Radix Foundation and was set up with the purpose of facilitating the Foundation with achieving its goals. These are:

​​ Collaborate and coordinate with the open community of people and companies who operate the Radix network, use it, build on it, and connect to it

Develop open-source technology for the Radix community that may improve the Radix public network and assist its users and developers

Advance awareness of the Radix network and technologies and grow its community through marketing and promotional activities

Support developers and companies building applications and services using the Radix network and technologies

The team at RTJL has a day-to-day focus on regulatory and compliance matters, stakeholder engagement, security of the network, and product development with the wider team.

James is a UK Solicitor with a long-standing interest in fintech and digital enterprises. James is one of the founders of a UK-licensed online gaming company, and developer of a next-generation gaming and gambling platform, along with a blockchain platform designed for industries ranging from food to aviation. James holds Board, Company, and Secretarial positions with start-ups through to companies floated on UK Stock Exchanges.

James has been involved with Radix since the token sale in 2020. His daily work covers all aspects of regulatory, legal, and compliance matters that affect RTJL and other Jersey entities.

We asked James what excites him the most about working for RTJL: I’d say it was the opportunity to be part of the team involved in making DeFi history. It has been incredibly rewarding watching Dan’s work come to life, from Cassandra research through to the new programming language, Scrypto. It’s still early days, but I am most excited about seeing how Scrypto is adopted and used by developers, and what they go on to create. It’s a unique and exciting experience.

Andy is a Chartered Director with a passion for technology and innovation. He started his career in the electronics industry working on everything from weapons guidance systems to motorway traffic systems. Andy moved to Jersey where he ran IBM’s mid-range systems business across the region before leaving to co-found a datacentre that pioneered disaster recovery services across offshore financial centers, this business was successfully exited twelve years later with clients in over 30 countries.

Andy previously worked with the government of Jersey leading the development of cryptocurrency legislation between 2014 and 2016. During this time he also co-founded a Big data business called Brainwave, which was subsequently relocated to Scotland and has just closed a Series A round.

A fun fact about Andy is he swam from Alcatraz to the St Francis Yacht club and survived the sharks, he also completed the hilly 48 mile Jersey ultramarathon with his wife, finishing 30 minutes after her! He has a passion for diving, his most memorable dives are with sharks in the Bahamas and whale sharks in the Maldives.

We asked Andy for his first impressions of Radix, and his role in the company: I was immediately impressed with Piers’ clarity of vision, the scale of ambition combined with the incredible talent within the team. I am extremely excited about the future of Radix, it’s very rare to have inimitable technology combined with a global opportunity and the support of an amazing community. Piers compares the internet powering the information revolution, and DLT technology powering the capital revolution, Radix is poised to play a significant part in that. My role at Radix is CEO of Radix Tokens ( Jersey) and a director of Metapass and Metaverse, much of my time is spent building the infrastructure, relationships, and frameworks those businesses need to thrive.

We asked Lindsay a little more about her role below: I have been heavily involved with compliance aspects of Radix Tokens (Jersey) Limited since prior to the launch of the tokens. Since then, I have been appointed as Director of RTJL and the companies supporting My main role is to ensure that the products launched by Radix are compliant with regulations in Jersey whilst ensuring that the project is a success. It is a pleasure to work with a team of intelligent and passionate people, all working towards a common goal.
If you would like to join the fight for the future of finance at Radix, check out our open positions on our careers page: and Instabridge.

Lindsay’s career started in financial services, starting out in audit with Ernst & Young & qualifying as a Chartered Accountant carrying out audits for Trading Companies and Financial Service businesses. She then moved into Risk Management and Compliance becoming Risk Manager for a large Trust Company in Jersey.

For the past 13 years, Lindsay has been a Director of Cavendish Fiduciary (Jersey) Limited with responsibility for assets under management of over £500 million. She is a qualified Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer and retains a strong interest in regulatory compliance assisting many clients with their regulatory requirements from client money rules to anti-money laundering regulations.

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