Meet the Team — Theo & Shambu

Building the platform for smart money requires a world-class team, and those behind Radix have the shared passion, broad experience, and complementary skill sets for the task.

In the previous post, we spoke with Adam & Farrah, and this week we had the opportunity to catch up with two members of the dev team, Theo and Shambu.

An expert in guiding great software design, and with extensive knowledge of writing and testing quality code, Theo worked previously in several different startups, mostly as a backend engineer using JVM languages and frameworks.

Prior to joining Radix, Theo worked as a QA Automation Engineer, getting accustomed to all aspects of development, which helped prepare him for his current role.

We asked Theo a little more about his role below:

My role at Radix is SDET or Software Developer Engineer in Test. My main responsibility apart from development is obviously testing, and also improving the overall test approach. I’ve explored the Radix architecture, designed to implement and developed ways to improve our software, and identified potential problems.

Besides that, I support the monitoring of our Radix networks, including the live nodes. This includes monitoring system-related metrics, such as memory and CPU usage, consensus-related metrics such as epochs, and database performance metrics.

Like many of us, I got into crypto through Bitcoin in 2018, but I became more excited about the space after learning about Ethereum’s smart contracts. I also quickly learned the issues of Ethereum, some of which are highlighted today in its scalability and development ecosystem.

I find it very exciting to be an integral part of steering the quality of Radix DLT. As you know, Radix is a completely new platform, specifically designed to serve the needs of DeFi. It’s a unique opportunity to be part of such a project building at the forefront of a new decentralized financial industry. It’s been mindblowing to see how fast this industry has grown and keeps growing.

At Radix I enjoy working and collaborating with the talented and passionate team. I also enjoy having enough autonomy, and freedom to choose how I want to best contribute.

Outside of work I enjoy jogging when the weather is nice, VR gaming, driving my motorcycle, and tinkering with Raspberry Pi projects.

Shambu is a highly motivated DevOps professional with more than a decade of experience in all phases of IT development. Shambu started his career as a performance engineer tuning and testing high throughput systems ranging from payment gateways to large straight-through processing trading systems.

Shambu considers himself a polyglot programmer with knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages and has been using his ability to produce solutions to varied kinds of challenges in software engineering.

We asked Shambu a little more about his role below:

I started with Radix at the crucial juncture in January 2020 as a Senior DevOps engineer and since then I have been ploughing along with the team towards the goal of delivering the mainnet. With my comprehensive knowledge of different parts of development, I’ve contributed towards testing and development which has required significant effort during this initial phase of the journey.

I’m well-versed with the DevOps tooling landscape, so my role is to take DevOps beyond the tools, with practices and team collaboration, effectively reducing complexity and delivering value to the end goal. I’m working together with Radix team members to foster values on fast feedback, increased use of automation, as well as cloud and cross-functional collaboration, so we can test and ship fast and frequently.

Having known before how ground-breaking technology of the blockchain domain is, and how Radix aims to solve the very problems of earlier blockchains in the DeFi space, made me very excited and proud to be part of this journey. The culture at Radix stood out for me where one is empowered to make things happen towards the goal and vision that Radix as a whole seeks to achieve. With the team being extremely tech-savvy and passionate about the challenges we are aiming to solve, it has been fantastic to join hands to pull things together.

Although Radix has been my first crypto work experience, I have been abreast with blockchain space and with knowledge of Hyperledger when working for IBM. The initial curiosity led me to understand how blockchain solved the age-old double-spend problem, however blockchains ability to decentralize finance and revolutionize it kept me attracted to this space

I am very excited about the crypto space as many boundaries are rewritten on the technology and financial front. I believe that the Radix approach with Scrypto and Cerberus will be a game-changer for DeFi and crypto as a whole.

Join the fight at Radix — The Layer 1 DeFi done right!

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