Originally posted 29th September 2020 Radixdlt.com/blog

Radix joins the Messari Register

Radix, the first layer-1 protocol for Decentralized Finance (DeFi), is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with Messari as we continue to find ways to increase transparency around the Radix project. Transparency forms the heart of public decentralised ledger technology and we are proud to follow this core principle of decentralisation by signing up to the Messari Registry.

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As the first layer-1 protocol for Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Radix is focussed on the continued growth and mass adoption of the DeFi ecosystem. This means we are working to create a new global digital commons for the wealth of the world — one that the world can rely on and trust — and our Decentralised Finance White Paper explains how we do this. Transparency is key to building this ecosystem and today’s commitment to provide the Messari Registry with regular project disclosures and updates is just one of the ways we are embracing that transparency.

Working with Messari follows our announcement in February where we committed to fully open-sourcing our development of the Radix Public Network on our GitHub repo. We believe this was an important decision for transparency, anti-fragility, and the public good. To evidence this, we have received a growing number of community contributions to the repo.

Many people think GitHub is only for people with the skills to dig into raw code and with many other projects it may well be. But not with Radix. We want to draw attention to the “releases” part of our repo where anyone can follow along with our progress toward RPN-1 (the first release of the Radix public network) and the milestones on our roadmap — no coding skills required!

The Messari Registry is a trusted repository for token holders to read factual information on decentralised projects, including our own. By joining, Radix is continuing with a fundamental part of the Radix mission; to build on the relationship of trust that has seen the project attract an active and growing community of followers.

Read more about Radix on Messari here.

About Messari

Messari brings transparency to the crypto economy. Messari aims to help investors, regulators, and the public make sense of this revolutionary new asset class, and are building data tools that will drive informed decision making and investment.