Radix Olympia Betanet FAQ

Radix community!

As we’ve previously announced, the Olympia Betanet is set to launch on April 28. This is an important milestone allowing us all the opportunity to really put the Radix network ‘through its paces’ before the Olympia mainnet release at the end of Q2 this year.

We’re just as excited as you to put our code to the test and watch it stand up to the toughest challenges and eagle-eyed scrutiny, which is why over the coming weeks we will be releasing more information about the planned testing, and how you can get involved.

Since the betanet announcement, we’ve had a lot of questions and many of you (including the near 350 validators who applied to participate in betanet testing) have been active across the Radix community channels such as our Discord and Telegram. It’s great to see such enthusiasm and so many questions, keep ’em coming. We love it.

While our team and amazing community moderators have been doing a marvellous job getting back to people, there is a limit to how much we can type. Therefore, we have put together an FAQ relating to the betanet to answer as many of your most popular queries as possible.

The FAQ broadly covers:

  • Overview of the Olympia Betanet
  • Node-running and validators
  • Staking and rewards

To save this blogpost from getting too long, we have put the FAQ in a public Google Doc here.

This is the first version of the FAQ, covering the more common questions we have seen so far. However, we know there are questions we haven’t covered. Therefore, we will continue to update this FAQ over the duration of betanet, so please: keep asking questions; let us know what we’ve missed; give us feedback!

The best place is the #node-runners channel on Discord, but shout out on Telegram for the more general queries. Feel free to use the tag #Betanet, and don’t be shy in tagging Ben or Matt.

Please don’t direct message us as we may miss these.




The first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi

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Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

The first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi

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