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Piers Ridyard, CEO — Radix DLT

While the jury is out on whether we are going into a bear market or just in another accumulation period, the jury is not out on Radix — we are going live in 1 weeks time, and we are super pumped! Oh, and Kucoin has just added the eXRD/USDT pair!

The amount of work that goes into getting a public ledger live is actually quite something to behold. On the surface, some software gets pushed live and a global network of computers magically creates a public ledger. Under the hood is the sweat and blood of hundreds of thousands of hours of work that covers almost every realm of technology delivery you can imagine: from user experience design to stress testing of consensus.

Not to mention the legal involved in getting something as ambitious as Instapass off the ground.

I would just like to fully acknowledge the incredible work and dedication of everyone in the Radix team. Building a public ledger is a team effort, and I am so proud of you guys. We are on the home stretch.

I would also like to thank everyone in the community; Florian, Blind5ight, Leomagal, Real Ben, Jazzer, Tesslerc and many others — I see you all grinding and you have all been awesome in the runup, soon the next phase starts and we can all be using the Radix mainnet REAL soon. Keep up the great work in spreading the good Radix word. We are only just getting started.

Strategy & Marketing

Adam Simmons, Head of Strategy — Radix DLT

It’s incredible to think that this time next week, the Olympia Mainnet will be up and running!

Over the next few days, you will all start seeing our marketing campaigns ramping up, including social advertising, influencer marketing, and PR — all with a focus on this major milestone for Radix, as well as the new Instapass and Instabridge products and the start of staking with 300m XRD annual network emissions.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks, but for now, let’s look at the last two weeks:

  • We provided additional details about the Olympia mainnet launch timeline, starting on June 30th. Once launched, there is approximately a 14-day bootstrapping phase before standard 2-hour epochs begin. The blog post explains it in detail; however, the key thing to note is there is no rush to start swapping eXRD for XRD, staking, connecting nodes, or registering validators during the bootstrapping period. During this period, everyone will be equally “first in line” when the bootstrapping epoch ends and normal epochs begin.
  • For those wanting to use Instapass and Instabridge to convert eXRD to XRD, the first step is to register with Instapass when it goes live on June 30th. Instabridge will then go live on July 7th to facilitate converting eXRD to XRD. We are working with partners and exchanges, such as Bitfinex, who will also be offering the ability to swap between eXRD and XRD. Again, there is no rush to do this as eXRD will remain as the “wrapped” form of XRD on Ethereum so you can keep your eXRD if you prefer.
  • The Cerberus infographic series has been getting published on the blog, with the first six chapters now live. The final chapter will be live on July 25th, and we will then release the full infographic! It’s been fantastic to see the community response to the infographic, with many learning further details about what makes our Cerberus consensus algorithm so special. There have already been over 4000 views on the infographic in the first ten days it’s been live!
  • After the bootstrapping phase of the Olympia mainnet launch, the first network emissions will begin to be distributed to those delegating stake to validator nodes on the network. As there have been a lot of questions about how staking and emissions will work, we have released a staking guide. Additional details and articles covering staking (and much more) will also be going live on learn.radixdlt.com in the coming days, along with a revamped style for the knowledge base.
  • With over 100 submissions, the first Radix swag contest went exceedingly well! The winning entry went live on the updated Radix Store and sold out in 5 minutes. There are still the normal collections available, with more being added soon.
  • As expected, the lead-up to Olympia and the ramp-up of marketing activity has led to increased engagement and awareness metrics. Website traffic is up 23%, with new users growing 18.7% in the last 14 days. This has been matched with increased average session time, a 65% increase in daily blog visits and a 52% increase in users from Twitter. The Radix Twitter has also seen engagement increase by 32%, mentions go up 42%, and total impressions increase nearly 200% in the last 14 days!

The community channels have also been showing strong growth, with the Radix Telegram channel hitting 12k members, daily active users increasing 26% and total messages increasing 14.1%. On the Discord server, the total messages sent in the last 14 days have doubled to 3315, with a lot of discussions around staking and node running.


Russell Harvey, CTO & Matthew Hine, Head of Product — Radix DLT

The development team is busy double-checking the launch plans, tightening various nuts and bolts, and polishing the astronauts’ visors ready for Olympia take-off next week.

When the content team approached mission control for their biweekly update, the reply was simply “T-6 days”.

We have been assured regular development updates will continue on July 8th!

  • The last Radix Report’s Twitter thread got a strong 105k views!
  • Excellent Radix coverage in Cointelegraph: ‘Watch out Solidity: New project aims to tackle downsides of coding DeFi projects’ (link). Expecting more Tier 1 Radix coverage around Mainnet, stay tuned!
  • Gleam: the community digital marketing campaigns on Gleam have been extremely successful over the last months. The first Gleam campaign started five months ago. Today, the 9th campaign is running, which already has 212k entries! These are some incredible numbers, and a hearty congratulations to all of the winners. Head over to the latest campaign to participate in the prizes of $500 here
  • International communities: the community is working with a new partner in China and will kick off the new partnership with a Chinese AMA on 28th of June. Also, marketing activities in Japan have started and everyone is super excited to be connected with the great Japanese crypto community!
  • Amongst various AMAs there is also an interview planned with Crypto Birb for the 24th of June. Also, Professor Crypto (123k subscribers) covered Radix a few days ago, and the video has received 28k views so far, very strong. Expect more coverage on YouTube around mainnet. And there will be some more major surprises in store in the next few days, pay attention!

Media & Community

*Updates provided by members of the Radix community. May contain inaccuracies.

Originally published at https://www.radixdlt.com.



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