Radix Report 5th August


Strategy & Marketing

  • In the first 5 days of the Olympia mainnet, there have already been 857 Radix accounts created, 1500 user transactions and 2465.66 XRD burnt in transaction fees. With the imminent release of Instabridge as a way for users to swap eXRD to XRD and the start of staking emissions, it will be exciting to see how quickly this grows!
  • Youtube videos have been a key focus in the run-up to Olympia, in the last two weeks, videos from people like Bitcoin for Beginners and CryptosRUs (along with many others) have received over 140,000 views over the previous two weeks!
  • Radix DLT CEO, Piers, has been on top form conducting interviews with Cointelegraph and various Telegram communities, as well as writing some detailed Q&A pieces in Cointelegraph such as this.
  • These activities have also helped boost the Radix Twitter account up to 35k followers with 3.3 million impressions in the last 2-weeks, get the official Telegram channel to over 14k members with the second-highest of daily messages ever, and the #RadixMainnetIsLive hashtag to over 1600 mentions on the launch day! Going into August, we are going to be doing a big push to get more awareness on social media channels with the start of Network Emissions for Staking on Radix on August 11th.
  • Key updates got excellent reach on Twitter, the Olympia Live post has 307,619 impressions and 2627 engagements and the ledger teaser video had 61,000 views, 190,000 impressions.
  • To end on a creative note — the Radix Community organized this fantastic piece of art from the ever-talented Lucile Dufau to celebrate #RadixMainnetIsLive! There are many hidden Radix references in the piece, and it looks fantastic. Thank you, Lucile!


  • Our proud betanet node-runners have rapidly become the first registered mainnet node runners — and are quickly being joined by a new wave of individuals and even professional node-runners that we’ll be talking about soon. It seems like our latest node, installation tools, and documentation are getting new people up the curve quickly (and thanks again the betanet crew for helping us get there!). You can check out the growing list of potential validator nodes on the mainnet Radix Explorer now! (And you’ll also see the current set of Radix bootstrapping nodes that are operating the network for this initial 2-week bootstrapping period while others register and stake.)
  • We had hundreds of brand new users show up on launch day and successfully make their first transactions on the Olympia mainnet via the Radix Desktop Wallet. We’ve been receiving great feedback on the speed of transactions — and as always, we’re getting a steady trickle of helpful bug reports and suggestions on our Discord #bug-reports channel that will continue to help fill out the backlog for additions to the Wallet and Explorer.
  • While we are still working with LedgerHQ on the placement of the Radix Ledger app in the Ledger Live Manager, people seem to be having a fairly smooth time sideloading for now. Initially we provided instructions for MacOS/linux only, but enterprising community members mleekko and fpieper worked out a process for Windows10 as well that we added and is working well. Thank you!

Media & Community

  • DataDash (464k subscribers) perfectly breaks down some of the solutions Radix has built to solve core issues in DeFi. Check out the excellent video here, already 33k views! In his recent video Bitcoin for Beginners (95k followers) does an excellent job summarizing some of the barriers holding DeFi back, then details how Radix is breaking them down! Also Radix was recently featured on the Cryptopedia YouTube channel (26k followers), covering Olympia Mainnet, problems in DeFi Radix eXRD/XRD tokenomics and the Radix roadmap, check it out!
  • Hot off the press with CoinTelegraph: Interview with Radix DLT CEO, Piers Ridyard. Read the full interview here and also a great YouTube AMA with Cointelegraph, watch it here!
  • Widespread coverage of Radix Mainnet by Cointelegraph, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, TechBullion, Coinspeaker, Investing.com, Coinquora, BlockTelegraph, Benzinga and CoinAnnouncer
  • The Hummingbot 24-week eXRD/USDT liquidity mining campaign has had some significant impact: The Open Order Volume on Kucoin has increased 10x from $3m to currently $30m! And 30% of the total eXRD trade volume on KuCoin is generated via Hummingbot. Impressive! Oh by the way, Hummingbot went live with a 4-week test campaign on AscendEX as well…
  • An amazing bit of art from the Radix Community to celebrate the Olympia launch! Who can see all the hidden details?
  • And finally, the Radix Wallet count has increased 5% in the last 30 days, look at this beautiful chart and the jump at the end of July:



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