Radix Report — from RDX Works — 14th July | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT

Overview — Piers Ridyard, CEO

While the last two weeks continue to see blood in the wider crypto market with Voyager declaring bankruptcy and the continued saga of Celsius, it has been great to see the continued growth in Radix where it matters — builders.

Strategy & Marketing (Adam Simmons, CSO & Jeremy Epstein, CMO)

For the marketing report, please see this past week’s Marketing Wen-sday Shard #5. That pretty much brings you up to speed. However, we do have a few other highlights since then:

  • The Intro to Radix: University Zoom Chat was a resounding success
  • 50+ attendees despite summer vacation and a bear market
  • Top universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, UCLA and Columbia
  • 25+ universities in attendance from around the world
  • Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Kenya, India, Korea, Singapore and Brazil
  • This marks the start of Radix’s journey to becoming a dominant player at universities and colleges across the globe.

Development (Russell Harvey, CTO & Matthew Hine, CPO)

Implementation of Babylon progresses steadily as we work our way towards a functional internal test network. We’re currently in the midst of getting our new state manager shaken out, as well as modularizing the node so that we have cleaner separation between the communication, consensus, and engine aspects.

Update from the Radix Community*

  • Now we are back with a different theme! In this quiz we will praise the Radix Legends. Everyone in the Radix family is special and we want to pay tribute to those colorful and unique people who make our community even more special! 5 winners will split 1500 XRD (300 XRD each) and another 5 winners will get a Radix Community T-shirt! Take part in the Radix Legends Quiz and see how you score!
  • Another gleam giveaway of 1500 XRD is live, join if you haven’t already!
  • We interviewed Bobcat Society about their experience moving their NFT project from Solana to Radix, what made Radix the right choice for them, and about the inspiration behind their artwork. https://getradix.com/updates/communityspotlight/bobcat-society-interview



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Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

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