Radix Report — from RDX Works — 16th June 2022 | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT

Overview — Piers Ridyard, CEO

I’m writing my Radix Report from bed on the second morning of the FooHack at Redfoo’s house in Malibu California. It is 8am after an intense day yesterday of building while the markets continue to fall.

Strategy & Marketing (Adam Simmons, CSO & Jeremy Epstein, CMO)

Adam is sadly sidelined w/Covid, but we have enough in marketing to make up for it.

Our Booth Drove Massive Awareness

You should be very proud of the events marketing team, led by Konstantin and Kristof. The booth was visible across the entire floor; it was roundly praised by attendees, and led us to engage with more than 750 people between our 1:1 conversations, Scrypto demos, and the wildly popular drawings for the “Lego Lambo.”

The Coin Center Dinner Elevated the Brand

As top-level sponsors, we received prime billing at an event attended by Senators, Congresspeople, regulators, and nearly 500 of the most influential people in the entire crypto industry, including representatives from Coinbase and Kraken.

Overall, Radix Crushed It

I am so proud of the whole extended team (we had 11 people on the ground) who worked their butts off over very long days and in sweltering heat to make this event weekend a success.

Development (Russell Harvey, CTO & Matthew Hine, CPO)

We have entered a time of heavy development on the Babylon node, predominantly around very low-level communication and state management stuff which is tough to summarize without several pages of text, an attentive audience, and a bottle of good whiskey. Suffice to say, we have officially moved out of design and are steadily turning the crank towards a functional test network.

Update from the Radix Community*

The Radix Community Council has published its first interview with Delphibets, discussing what led to the creation of their project, a bit of background on the team, and what their long-term plans look like in the coming weeks and months. Check it out here.



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Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

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