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October 21, 2022

Overview (Piers Ridyard, CEO)

For the last few months we have been doing regular Scrypto challenges; giving the Scrypto developer community an opportunity to flex some of their awesome coding muscles, and to demonstrate how easy it is to build complex dApps using the Scrypto programming paradigm.

I have been immensely proud and impressed with everything that has been submitted so far — including functionality, not yet seen in the Ethereum ecosystem, already emerging in the ideas being created using Scrypto.

This month we have the results of the DAO challenge:

Peter Kim’s submission continues to prove that he is not only already incredibly talented in Scrypto, but that he is thinking deeply about what the Scrypto tools mean for being able to create for governance and DAOs. This one, MAN, he packed in so much.

In second place, FR05T8YTE not only did some killer Scrypto coding, but also got Svelte up and running for his front end and got it working with the just released Babylon Alphanet. Great work, and very much looking forward to seeing more front end frameworks being plugged into the Babylon tools to start building out some more awesome front end designs to complement the great smart contract work going on.

In third place, Scryptonight leveraged the power of the Blueprint system embedded into building with Scrypto to create a Meta-DAO that can pull together many pre-existing components to build a DAO with custom functionality. Not only that, they used transient badges to do safe re-entrancy, which is exactly what they are designed for and it is awesome to see that powerful tool being used in community code!

Congrats to all the winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who submitted code. I hope you all enjoyed building it as much as we did judging the submissions. The quality every time is so high, and it is so motivating to see what is being built with the tools we have created.

For more details on each of these submissions as well as the open source code and all of the notes around the code, please dive in here: https://www.radixdlt.com/post/scrypto-dao-challenge-results

The results of all of these challenges are all open source, and are a fantastic resource if you are thinking about building anything DeFi or Web3.0 related using Scrypto. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend looking through previous challenge results as well!

Decentralized Exchanges: https://www.radixdlt.com/post/scrypto-dex-challenge-results

Oracles: https://www.radixdlt.com/post/scrypto-oracles-challenge-results

Lending Markets: https://www.radixdlt.com/post/scrypto-lending-challenge-results

Portfolio Management: https://www.radixdlt.com/post/scrypto-portfolio-challenge-results

Strategy & Marketing (Adam Simmons, CSO & Jeremy Epstein, CMO)

Some great details in the Marketing Wen-sday Shard that went out two weeks ago, including upcoming plans — highly recommended reading for this week..

Oh…our campaign at the end of September (codename: Sparta) generated 1.3 million Twitter impressions and a 1663% increase in Reddit engagement, among others. That was cool. More on that in the next Shard.

For now, we are heads down focused on building the assets and plans for RadFi 2022. As part of our efforts, we are signing content distribution partnerships and building relationships with key thought leaders, with a particular focus on those who appreciate the breadth and depth of the Radix full-stack for DeFi solution. More on that to come shortly.

We’ve also got PR lined up, a strong social media game plan, and soon, you’ll see the official RadFi 2022 logo unveiled on our new landing page.

It’s going to be a busy month, but it’s going to be great.

Remember to spread the word.

Development (Russell Harvey, CTO & Matthew Hine, CPO)

With Alphanet out the door, we have a successful marriage of Radix Engine v2 with Consensus running on a public distributed network. Hooray! Now we get to break things again on our internal test network as we do a little hardening and refactoring in preparation for our next big focus, which is moving up the stack to properly integrate the Gateway and Wallet with the network.

We’ve also been doing some work on how staking and validator management work on Babylon, both of which will be moving up to the application layer where they belong. Validators will be represented by a component just like any application on Radix, and you’ll be able to interact with them accordingly. We are happy to announce that this model enables liquid staking…validator components will issue LP tokens in return for staking, which can be freely transacted just like any other token.

Update from the Radix Community Council*

  • A long thread was shared by Cryptobirb where he compiled various updates on Radix along with a massively growing Radix Ecosystem diagram with all community projects. Check it out!

  • 📒📕📗📘📙 Radix Community Project Quiz Vol:3 📒📕📗📘📙Thank you everyone who completed the Radix Community Project Quiz Vol:3! The quiz got a CES/CSAT score of 92 and 4.6/5 stars overall. Stay tuned for the next ones 😉 You may check the winners from: https://getradix.com/updates/news/2022-10-18-community-updates-3

  • We are also building a known scammers list with their usernames and wallet(s) that you can check before a trade to have more peace of mind. Please share this message to other Radix related groups to spread awareness and make our community even better and safer.

  • We’ve updated the ecosystem diagram for October, and have added a vertical aspect ratio version along with the horizontal one that we have already been putting out. You can find it here: https://getradix.com/sharable-assets. We also have a 2 page brochure that is a pretty easy intro to radix and scrypto that is available for community members to share.‍

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