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March 25, 2022

It is our pleasure to announce that RDX Works has partnered with Staking Rewards.

Staking Rewards is widely considered the preeminent site for all things staking. Many of you may have already seen a recent interview of Piers as part of Staking Rewards’ Staking Mondays series, as well as one of the most in-depth articles on Radix available anywhere on the internet on the Staking Rewards blog. If not, we highly encourage you to check them out.

The Staking Rewards partnership includes Radix and XRD being added to the Staking Rewards registry here. The registry includes ~250 different networks, receives over ~4m monthly page views, and ~450k monthly unique users.

From there, users will be able to learn about Radix, view the current market cap, staked value, participation percent, returns, and other detailed on-chain metrics. Users will also be able to view the list of current active Radix validators, yield per validator, number of users, and staked balance. Users will also be able to view that validator’s delegation address.

RDX Works will also be running a marketing campaign with the Staking Rewards team that will feature Radix on header and banner ads, directing the Staking Rewards userbase to stake on Radix validators.

We’re excited at the prospect of promoting our validator community to such a large specialised audience.

To learn more about staking on Radix, check out Staking & Validating on Radix within our Knowledge Base. To view the list of current active validators that you can stake to, be sure to visit the Radix Explorer or, of course, Staking Rewards.

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