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The importance of the wallet in DeFi

A wallet for a DLT network is probably the most visible face for that network. It’s the first experience that most people have and, particularly in DeFi, its user experience is tightly linked with that of dApps. Just see Metamask’s role in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem; not only is it how the majority of users interact with Ethereum, but it played a defining role in the rise of DeFi there by making direct linking to webapps practical and easy. A DeFi-focused wallet is crucial.

Wallet goals for RDX Works

Why is the current Radix Desktop Wallet so basic then? Where’s the mobile app and Metamask-style web integration? The answer is that the current wallet has a very specific goal on our roadmap: holding, sending, and staking tokens on the Olympia network. As we described in a post about our roadmap, the current wallet is a workmanlike solution for those simple purposes on this first iteration of the network. It is, in a word, temporary — because the Olympia release of the network isn’t yet DeFi-capable.

Key points about the Babylon wallet

If you’re a developer, there are a couple of things we want you to know.

  • In February, we will release the real transaction model that will be a webapp’s way of submitting a transaction to the wallet for signature and submission on Babylon.
  • As soon as we can do so with confidence, we will be releasing information about the intended wallet API interface and network API interface (for querying ledger data) for web front-end developers.
  • The wallet will be fully open sourced at its release.
  • The wallet’s core capabilities will be built around network-native features that, by their nature, will be available to any developer on Babylon.
  • Wherever the wallet includes off-network features or integrations, it will use standards that will be open and available for any developer to use and integrate with.



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