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September 8, 2022

Hello Radvocates and Scryptonauts! As the latest Scrypto competition, about portfolio management and yield farming, ended last week, this is once again the time to announce the three Scrypto champions that stood out from all the submissions we received! Just like the previous competitions, participants had around a month to come up with a Scrypto blueprint related to the competition’s subject.

Many great Scrypto blueprints came out of this competition and we got many participants who were just starting out with Scrypto in the Scrypto class of 2022, hosted by Austin. Once again, we see how quickly people with basic programming knowledge are picking up Scrypto. We can’t wait to see what DeFi will look like with this power released in the wild at Babylon!

Before we showcase the three Scrypto champions, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge and also all the members of the Radix community. Every single one of you is contributing to making our community an amazing place of learning and fun. By participating in this Scrypto competition, it shows how early you are and you should be proud of contributing to the next wave of DeFi.

As a reminder, each entry was judged based on the following five criteria:

  • Quality and asset-orientedness of the code: did the participant show a good understanding of the asset-oriented programming paradigm?

Now, without further ado, let’s announce the winners…

1st place: radfolio by scryptonight

Scryptonight wrote a portfolio management platform where people provide tokens that are automatically invested in various investment vehicles configured by the protocol’s admin. Scryptonight also implemented a system where influencers can get paid for drawing customers to the platform.

We highly recommend people wanting to see an overview of what Scrypto looks like before learning the language to look at radfolio’s code. Its top-notch documentation will guide you through the various functionalities of the platform in a clear and intuitive way. You will also see an impeccable application of the asset-oriented development paradigm that Scrypto encourages.

With their submission, scryptonight will receive $8500 worth of XRD.

“The portfolio challenge was a bit of a brain-twister and it took me a while to come up with an overall design I was happy with. The Scrypto skills I had acquired through the lending challenge however meant that once I had the design ready, implementing the blueprint itself was fairly straightforward. This just reaffirms to me the strength of the language: With solid design work up front so you know what you want to make, the Scrypto implementation itself isn’t a big technical challenge. (I probably invested more time into writing my test suite than the actual blueprint — which of course is fantastic because testing is how you know it works.) I can see a lot more Scrypto happening in my future :-)” — scryptonight

2nd place: Farmers Market by Jake

Farmers market is a permissioned blueprint that allows institutional fund managers to bring capital markets on-chain. It is considered permissioned because a central authority decides who can use the protocol based on off-chain data about the participants. Farmers (also known as fund managers) are able to start a fund to manage other people’s money on-chain. They can either create an index fund which offers investors exposure to a basket of assets or a debt-based fund which offers investors exposure to stable returns through interest income serviced from loans.

Their submission shows a very good understanding of Scrypto and the amount of things one can do with this protocol is extraordinary. Jake wrote an entire system for managing users of the protocol along with an integration with RaDEX, developed by 0xOmar during the first competition, to rebalance the tokens in the funds and DegenFi, developed by Jake during the 3rd competition, to exercise leveraged fund strategies.

With their submission, Jake will receive $4500 worth of XRD. We are also happy to announce that Jake is joining the RDX Works team as a Developer Community Liaison. One part of his job will be to have an active presence in the Scrypto communities to help you learn the language and answer your questions. Come say “hi” to him on our Discord server!

“From building the DegenFi lending protocol from the last challenge to now a portfolio management protocol with this challenge, Scrypto has shown to be an incredibly versatile language. Developers are equipped to build any existing DeFi protocols that exist today faster and with more features, without compromising security. I can’t wait to see a new wave of innovation in DeFi powered by the Radix Engine and Scrypto.” — Jake

3rd place: Basket by FR05T8YTE

FR05T8YTE is making a comeback by participating in this competition as they participated in the first Scrypto competition that was held back in February before taking a break. For the portfolio management and yield farming competition, they built an automated decentralized fund. With this protocol, people are able to stake tokens inside a fund to earn a yield based on the performance of the underlying tokens.

The creativity of this submission is something that stood out while reviewing it. Instead of having a single actor controlling the investment strategies, the fund is managed by the stakers themselves. This puts the idea that each individual staker’s prediction is crude while the statistical average is not to the test.

It also looks like FR05T8YTE took some time to look for possible edge cases while designing their blueprint. They realized that a front-running attack could potentially occur in a specific situation so they built an auction blueprint that acts as a way to add some kind of delay before selling tokens so that the whole market can participate.

With their submission, FR05T8YTE will receive $2000 worth of XRD.

“Scrypto is intuitive and reliable. Once you have learned to think in the asset oriented paradigm, the programming of financial applications becomes almost trivial. It sifts the focus from “how can I make this work?”, to “how do I want this to work?”. At one point in this challenge I realized I needed an amm dex that the fund I was making would interact with. So I wrote one… in less than an hour. This is the power of Scrypto.” — FR05T8YTE

Honorable mentions: Juicy Yield by NellySayon and Vaultz by aus87

We would like to give a big shout out to NellySayon and aus87. NellySayon is one of the Scrypto class of 2022 students and aus87 is the creator of that class. With only a couple of weeks of learning Scrypto, they both managed to come up with good Scrypto blueprints. NellySayon built a yield farming platform where a user can stake their tokens and gain a yield by having the platform do arbitrage and lotteries on their behalf. On the other hand, aus87 built a blueprint that exploits arbitrage opportunities and splits the profits with the stakers of the protocol.

You both did a really good job with your submissions and we hope to see you participating in future challenges!

“I’m part of ScryptoClassOf2022 and we just finished the basics of Rust when this challenge was announced. Anyway I just needed to give it a try and I can honestly say I would never have learned that fast without the participation.

At the beginning I was really struggling, but with the video tutorials, the community examples and the help in the discord channel everything quickly fell into place and made more and more sense every day. Still some things to learn, but imagine what we can all achieve with Scrypto until Babylon comes…

Just start doing it!” — NellySayon

“I had not written a single line of Scrypto code until about 2 weeks after this contest had begun. After learning just the basics of Rust, Scrypto seems very straightforward and simple to learn for a beginner. I was only able to spend a few hours each week on this contest and still came up with a solution that is turning out to be something I plan on working on finishing and perfecting before the launch of Babylon. I kept adding feature after feature to my Vaultz platform as I realized what was possible with Scrypto. Treating resources like physical assets also made thinking through the logic very intuitive. This has been lots of fun and an incredible learning experience.” — aus87

Everyone who participated should be proud of what they achieved and all the knowledge they gained in the process. As a reminder, all participants will receive a one-of-a-kind non-fungible token representing their participation in this competition. Delivered once Babylon is live, this NFT will give you bragging rights to show how early you were in the Radix ecosystem!

Stay tuned to our Radix Discord channel and join our developer mailing list to be among the first to learn about our developer events and upcoming competitions (we are already preparing the next one 😉).

Thanks everyone and keep coding awesome stuff!

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