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November 10, 2022

Here at RDX Works, the team are pretty big believers in the good (who isn’t?). And, like all good things on this spinning sphere we inhabit, a little change is often required here and there to keep up with the evolution of everything around us — and more importantly, a little change can often make the good stuff (you guessed it) great.

This week at HQ, that change came in the form of the three videos created to explain the key pillars of the Radix Technology Stack. If you’ve not checked them out before, these videos work in unison to form the core message about what Radix is doing and why. While there are many, many other forms of media and documentation (like Radix’s DeFi whitepaper) that outline this messaging, it’s important — especially as Radix moves towards the next phase of evolution — that the fundamental message behind everything the team is building is accessible, understandable and empowering to those who stumble across it.

As Radix continues to progress along the roadmap towards Xi’an, the RDX Works team have updated the visual walkthroughs for Scrypto & the Radix Engine, The Radix Ecosystem, Blueprints & Royalties, and finally, Cerberus Consensus.

Sold? Awesome. And if you’re not (yet), you can check out these new explainer videos below to see exactly what all this means.

A Game Changer for Building DeFi

First up, the brand new walkthrough for Scrypto and the Radix Engine. Ever wondered why, out of tens of millions of developers across the globe, there are less than 20,000 working in Web 3.0? If DeFi is to succeed, developers need to be set up with the right tools to make that happen.

Supercharging DeFi Ecosystem Growth

A musician gets paid every time someone streams their music, so why don’t developers when their code gets used? In the Radix ecosystem, that’s exactly what can happen. With the launch of Babylon and blueprints, anyone who wants to contribute code to the functionality of the Radix DeFi ecosystem can submit blueprints directly to the network and, if they want to, they can set a royalty fee for each time it‘s used in a transaction. Watch the video to find out how.

Unlimited Scalability, Forever

Last (and by absolutely no means least), the new visual explainer on Cerberus: the first distributed ledger technology built to support the $400 Trillion financial system without sacrificing atomic composability.

If DeFi is ever to go mainstream, more than just the technology needs a revamp. The language, execution environment, consensus and even the general narrative around Web 3.0 & DeFi is far too technical for the majority of the general public today, and with plans of a global adoption — that’s a problem. The thing is, a lot of what’s discussed in the space isn’t actually needed to drive adoption. Your mom likely doesn’t know how the electrician fitted the lightswitch in her house, but she uses it anyway. That’s the approach that needs to be applied to DeFi if it’s ever to take off for real, and these new explainer videos are one of the steps the team at RDX works is taking to do just that.

At #RadFi2022 on December 8, you’ll see why Radix has the only plan to actually make DeFi happen. Find out more.

Like these videos? Head to the Radix YouTube channel to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.

Interested in following the Radix journey? Join the community on Discord.

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