The Radix 2020 Update

The technical challenges

As we underwent final testing we discovered two potential attack vectors which affected two key components of our consensus system, Tempo. The attack vectors raised two potential vulnerabilities which were critical to the security of our consensus mechanism:

The primary focus for the Radix platform

Over the years, the Radix team has engaged with its partners and developer community about building and deploying on Radix. Our conversations highlight that Radix’s unique, scalable quality is what most excites our partners and the community about Radix.


Building atop Tempo’s defining sharding concept, and using all we’ve learned over years of distributed system research, we have developed a new consensus approach to deal with the issues that we encountered with Tempo.


We will be releasing a technical whitepaper detailing the proposed changes to the Radix ledger. There are a number of steps that need to be undertaken to reach the stage where the whitepaper is ready for public release; this includes several rounds of review. It is a process we want to happen quickly, but we also accept that doing things in a rush has not always worked in our favour. We will look at ways to share our theory and progress with the community ahead of the release of the formal paper. Work on the whitepaper is already underway.

Moving forward: Our modus operandi

To keep you up-to-date with Cerberus developments, the Radix public network and what else we are up to at Radix we are going to open-source our development so that you can follow along with us. We will also:

  • Use the best information we have to make and provide informed timelines/deadlines
  • Keep you posted on what we are working on, which will provide a clearer picture of when we expect work to be delivered
  • Provide you with regular general updates on happenings in the Radix-verse on our community channels



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