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February 21, 2022

It is with great excitement that we can announce RDX Works has teamed up with undefeated WBO Cruiserweight World Boxing Champion, Olympian, rap artist, author, and now Radvocate, Lawrence ‘The Sauce’ Okolie.

Lawrence’s Radix Revelation:

Lawrence is no stranger to the Radix Community. After being introduced to Radix by a friend, he spent the next five months lurking, learning, going further down the rabbit hole each and every day. When he had a question, the Radix community was happy to help, like they do with new members every day.

Bit by bit, Lawrence was edging closer to Wonderland.

On December 20th, 2021, Lawrence liked a post by Radix Founder Dan Hughes. On the 23rd of December, a retweet hailing Radix as the future of Web3.

During this time Lawrence and I started talking about DeFi, the future of Crypto, and how he saw Radix as being the one to save the world from the clutches of the banking cartels.

Lawrence first bought Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, and Ethereum for its potential as the “world computer”. When he found Radix, he said “It was the commitment and passion from Dan and the rest of the Radix team that really spoke to me. The strength of the community reflects this. I knew I wanted to be involved.”.

Lawrence continued to dive deeper into the world of Radix. First, consuming the DeFi Whitepaper and Dan’s Twitch streams, before moving onto the APE Radix “ Introduction to Scrypto” videos.

By the end of this Radix binge, he was convinced. As far as Lawrence was concerned, Radix was the future of DeFi, Layer 1 DeFi FINALLY done right.

“Growing up in Hackney I didn’t have much growing up, Mum was first generation in this country, so when I started to do well from boxing, I had a lot of learning to do on the financial side. As I learned more about finance, quantitative easing, how the world of finance really worked, I knew I needed to find an alternative. That’s when I really went deep into DeFi. When I found Radix, I knew it was game over. This was the answer I was looking for.

And just like that, another Radix Revelation has occurred.

By the end of January, Lawrence was a card-carrying Radix evangelist. But he wasn’t done yet. Inspired by the words of CPO Matthew Hine at APE Radix, Lawrence wanted to do his part in the grassroots movement driving Radix forwards. And one thing, in particular, had caught his eye. The Tesla. Shortly after Lawrence sent us his idea for a Radix Tesla-themed fight kit. Once we saw it, and after everything we had learned about him, It was an easy decision to make.

The deal was done, and RDX Works would be sponsoring a Radix community member as he defended his world title at the 02 Arena in London on February 27th. When the ring walk happens in front of 16,000 people, Radix is going to be making the walk with him.

To celebrate this partnership, Lawrence and RDX Works will be releasing a line of “Radix X Okolie” merchandise in the Radix Swag store, with all proceeds going to a charity of his choice. These will be on sale in the first week of March.

After the fight, Lawrence will also be dropping in for a Twitter Spaces session or Telegram AMA to talk Crypto, DeFi, and everything Radix!

We hope this is just the beginning of our relationship with Lawrence, and wish him the best of luck in his fight on the 27th!

By Jacob McAtamney Community Lead

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