The Radix Olympia Betanet is now live. Welcome!

Before we get into the fun, it’s worth repeating a little background on what Betanet is and isn’t:

Betanet is a temporary test network, pure and simple. It is intended to provide a final, large-scale stress test of the protocol that will be offered to our community as the basis of the first version of the Radix public network (called Olympia).

Betanet is not the beginning of the official public Radix ledger or the official XRD token — that’s the Olympia mainnet. Unlike mainnet, the Radix team will have ultimate control of…

Radix Tokens (Jersey) Limited is pleased to announce that they will be selling a small amount of eXRD using the Bitfinex Token Sales Inc. Catalyst Sale planform on April 27th, 2021, starting at 11:00AM UTC.

The purpose of this Catalyst sale is to promote the distribution of stake and further the awareness of Radix to the users of the Catalyst sale platform and therefore, only 1,400,000 eXRD will be available in the Catalyst sale. In the event that the sale is oversubscribed, eXRD will be distributed proportionally to all participants in the Catalyst Sale.eXRD …

The CEO of Radix DLT Piers Ridyard recently conducted a Q&A session with the @BlockchainSpacee Telegram community. Some excellent questions were put forward via Telegram and answered by Piers.

If you have any follow up questions you are welcome to ask via our Telegram or Discord.

Thanks for joining us today, please start by introducing yourselves to the Blockchain Space community, a bit of your background, your role in the team, and tell us what Radix is all about in detail?

Sure. I’m Piers Ridyard. I’ve been CEO of Radix for almost four years now. Before that, I founded a…

It’s getting very exciting for the Radix team as we enter the final two weeks leading up to the long-awaited Radix Betanet. With the deadline in sight, the team is pushing every ounce of willpower into the code.

In this blog series, we present the different members of the Radix team to the community (Check out the previous post with Ray & Lukasz). Today we sat down for a virtual coffee and chatted with Jacob and Sergiy.

Jacob McAtamney — Social Media Manager — Radix DLT

Jacob is originally from Sydney, Australia, and after moving to England in 2014 he began working as a social media consultant, helping business…

Every second Tuesday, Radix DLT’s Founder Dan Hughes hosts a technical ask-me-anything (AMA) session in the main Radix Telegram Channel. The premise of the session is simple: Dan climbs in from the coding cave, and answers as many Radix tech-related questions as possible.

Thank you to all who submitted questions and joined the AMA. This week’s session was unique because Dan focused on two important topics — centralization, and front-running.

You can find the full transcript below from the AMA sessions on April 13th, 2021.

Rock Howard asked on Discord if front-running is possible on Radix. My thoughts are: In…


Piers Ridyard, CEO — Radix DLTFirst off, a huge congratulations to CoinBase with their IPO trading 55% away from listing price (after some interesting highs and lows in full crypto tradition). This is pushing crypto increasingly into the mainstream and is helping normalise crypto for business and regulators. These are all good things as they push the entire space towards mainstream acceptance and adoption.

We have the first blue chip crypto company. Think about that for a minute!Betanet is two weeks away. This means the next two weeks are going to be a flurry of activity for the team. …

Originally posted

After much consideration and review of community feedback, we are pleased to share the validator nodes who have been selected to participate in the Radix Betanet. Those selected have all been emailed, and we’re happy to share the full list of chosen validators here.

Selecting betanet validators was no easy task! All 330+ validator proposals were reviewed, and we made sure to take into account the feedback from the community on places like the Radix Validators Reddit and the #Node-running channel on the Radix Discord, so thank you to everyone who provided input there.

Overall, it was…

How do you go about building the first layer-one protocol specifically built to serve DeFi? By choosing the right people to help build it.

In this “Meet the Team” blog series, we showcase two Radix DLT team members at a time (Check out the previous post with Ben & Mikael) so you can learn more about the people working on making the Radix vision a reality.

Today we caught up with Ray and Lukasz to discuss their professional background, their roles, and importantly, what gets them so hyped about Radix.

Ray Offiah — Technical Writer — Radix DLT

Ray has been a Java developer since way back when…


Piers Ridyard, CEO — Radix DLT

The crypto space progresses at great speeds, and the fact we are now into Q2 is a testament to that. Looking back at the last quarter there is a strong sense of growing momentum, both with Radix and the industry as a whole.

This feeling of growing momentum is reflected across every aspect of Radix. In the last 3-months alone; the number of wallets holding eXRD has increased over 180%, our social channels have seen engagement double, Radix has been featured in multiple articles & by multiple influencers, Radix communities have been launched in…

Radix community!

As we’ve previously announced, the Olympia Betanet is set to launch on April 28. This is an important milestone allowing us all the opportunity to really put the Radix network ‘through its paces’ before the Olympia mainnet release at the end of Q2 this year.

We’re just as excited as you to put our code to the test and watch it stand up to the toughest challenges and eagle-eyed scrutiny, which is why over the coming weeks we will be releasing more information about the planned testing, and how you can get involved.

Since the betanet announcement, we’ve…

Radix DLT — The Decentralized Finance Protocol

The first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve DeFi

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